Empowering adults with mental illness, and those who support them, with an unrelenting optimism for recovery, purposeful involvement in the community, and an enhanced sense of meaning in life.

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Created by the internationally recognized Dr. Richard Warner, Colorado Recovery approaches care for mental health based on a path of self-reliance through developed practiced skills. This non-institutionalized philosophy offers comprehensive levels of care supported by an expert medical and clinical team, engaging patients in increasing community participation. Those under our care go to school, volunteer, or are employed in the beautiful surrounding Boulder area where they regularly take advantage of all it has to offer recreationally.

Beginning at Balsam House, our residential program, we establish new ways to deal with the challenges of conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. This facility replicates the warmer home-like environment clients will ultimately return to but it also offers a high level of care from multiple psychiatrists, registered nurses, and licensed master’s level behavioral health professionals. Once they are ready, clients progress to our transitional living and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for increased independence. 


Balsam House and Boulder, Colorado

Finding Strength within Community

We at Colorado Recovery are saddened along with the rest of our community this week from the events on Monday afternoon. Our hearts and thoughts are with all of those impacted by this tragedy. The effects of such an event can be difficult to manage. Please know you are not alone in working through the emotions and feelings you may be experiencing.

If you or anyone you know is in crisis, please reach out to a local resource available 24/7:
Colorado Crisis Services: 844-493-TALK or Text TALK to 38255.

If you are looking for more information on local resources for long-term mental health support, please do not hesitate to contact us for information: 720-218-4068.

This is not the first time our local communities have faced such a tragedy. It’s important to remember, we are stronger together. Let’s support one another as we process this recent event.

Continuing to Serve

Operating Protocols in a COVID-19 Environment

We understand that those with preexisting mental health conditions may experience a strong emotional response or exacerbated symptoms during the challenging circumstances caused by the current pandemic. We continue to work to meet the mental health needs of this population and provide additional support for our clients during this time as we make adjustments in order to reduce the spread of infection.

Under the guidance of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Boulder County Public Health (BCPH), and the supervision of our leadership team, some of the areas we have made updates to adapt over the last year:

  • Continued heightened procedures for disinfecting our facilities
  • Eliminated non-essential in-person services at our outpatient building
  • Offered additional off-site mobile services
  • Migrated groups, psychiatric, and therapy appointments to telehealth
  • Provided alternative activities to reduce social isolation
  • Colorado Recovery follows all regulations set forth by CDPHE and BCPH. Staff, clients and visitors are recommended to continue following guidelines to perform hand hygiene, wear a mask at all times and maintain social distancing. Colorado Recovery will change practices in accordance with ongoing changes in CDPHE and BCPH regulations.
  • Staff are required to remain home if ill and follow current CDPHE/BCPH regulations.
  • Clients are encouraged to stay home if ill and alternate arrangements will be made for their care.
  • Staff entering Balsam House property are required to complete COVID-19 screening and follow CDPHE/BCPH regulations.
  • All others entering Balsam House property (Clients, visitors) are recommended to complete COVID-19 screening and follow CDPHE/BCPH regulations.
  • Administered outpatient medications off-site when possible
  • Directed outpatients receiving medications at Balsam House to the back exterior door of the medication room
  • Required all entering Balsam House to complete a screening and wash their hards
  • Prepared emergency procedures in the event that staff or clients become ill
  • Partnered with Genoa Pharmacy to help ensure an uninterrupted supply of medications

We can help, please call today 720-218-4068

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Balsam House provided me a nurturing home-like setting where the caring staff helped me on a pathway to wellness. Additionally, there was a variety of group classes that were engaging and enjoyable. I am very grateful for my improvement while I was at Balsam House and know it is responsible for my better health.

I am so grateful for all you have done for our son. As a mother I only saw him as my “bouncing baby boy”, the super athlete, next senator…, my dreams and hopes before he was stricken. As a mother I never gave up. You and your team have given him back to us. Doesn’t matter what he does with his life, anything he decides to put his hand to he has the tools to be successful. I am sure you hear this all the time, but you saved his life and for that I will be forever grateful.


We provide services in the community to adults with serious mental illness that will stabilize their illness, minimize symptoms, improve functioning and enhance each person’s social inclusion, quality of life and sense of meaning in life.

Colorado Recovery’s treehouse is a social-vocational center run by and for Colorado Recovery clients. The program helps prepare clients for success in relationships, volunteer work, education and job placements. The Treehouse is modeled after such programs as The Fountain House in New York which is famous for helping people …