Outpatient Program

Many people with diagnosed mental illnesses require services beyond those available through office-based psychiatric practices. Our outpatient levels of care for  bipolar, schizophrenia, and other severe mental illnesses in a community-integrated treatment environment were designed to meet those needs.

Our program was created for our clients to move through the continuum of care as they stabilize and learn how to better live with their mental health disorder. They are able to reduce the frequency of care as they progress in functioning as a contributing member of their community. They also have the ability to move between levels of care at any time, providing flexibility to move up and down this continuum as their needs change.

  • Enhanced Outpatient

    Enhanced Outpatient is an individualized program for clients who transition from transitional living program to maintain stability Our 5-day-a-week services include: frequent contact with the psychiatrist and therapist, daily medication monitoring, individual and group therapy, vocational and social rehabilitation through our psychosocial clubhouse and ongoing treatment planning involving the full outpatient team. Clients and their families also have access to our on-call team on evenings and weekends should a crisis occur and the client needs our support during these hours.

  • Care Plus

    This concierge-level of outpatient care offers a safety net of support for the client as they progress through our system. If needed, around-the-clock crisis services are available, as are other services for those clients who no longer need daily interactions with their clinical team.

  • Bridge to You

    This outreach program is an approach that can be customized to meet the unique needs of clients who are physically or mentally unable to join us on-site at our clinic and clubhouse. When appropriate, our clinicians will provide top-quality treatment in a location that is best for the client.  We can meet the client at home, in the community or at a residential facility.