Financing Treatment at Colorado Recovery

Colorado Recovery is not in-network with any insurance provider. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t afford treatment for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and other psychiatric disorders at our first-class facility.

Unfortunately, Medicaid and Medicare will not reimburse for any treatment services at Colorado Recovery. However, most Medicare plans and Colorado-based Medicaid will provide coverage for medications and laboratory services at the same rate as the benefit amount in the insurance policy.

Colorado Recovery is a private pay provider, meaning payment in full is expected upfront and ongoing throughout the treatment process. Colorado Recovery does not submit claims to insurance companies for payment but will help you submit claims.

“Our billing department will help you with a claim that you can submit to your health insurance to be processed out of your out-of-network benefits,” says Colorado Recovery billing coordinator Lee Russo. “Not everybody gets reimbursed, it really depends on what kind of out-of-network benefits the client’s provider offers. Every insurance is different.”

We can help identify a client’s out-of-network insurance benefits prior to entering treatment. If a client has out-of-network benefits, our team will complete the necessary pre-certification and ongoing authorizations as requested by the insurance company. 

“I provide that service for anything that’s billable—residential or outpatient—they only have to submit their details to me and I do the rest,” says Russo. “And if people are on Medicaid—which we don’t take—we will nonetheless help them find an appropriate treatment facility that does. We certainly don’t just say ‘sorry’ and hang up. When people call we explain all their options that we know of, so they can get the help they need.”

Sometimes people want a guarantee that out-of-network costs are covered and learn that we cannot guarantee that. “We can try and help them submit claims with their provider but we have to be upfront with clients that there is no guarantee,” explains Russo. “A lot of people like our non-institutional environment very much and try hard to find a way to finance treatment at Colorado Recovery. We are not set up like an institution, we’re set up more like a home with a family atmosphere.”

A warm familial setting, dynamic levels of care leading to a path of self-reliance, expert staff to improve diagnoses and treatment plans, and community engagement for clients—these are the hallmarks of the Warner model utilized at Colorado Recovery.

Colorado Recovery founder Richard Warner distinguished between “complete [psychiatric] recovery” and “social recovery,” which he defined in functional terms: economic and residential independence with low social disruption. Two important components of that are employment and independent housing. We recently added an affordable and flexible independent living option for clients who are ready for this low level of therapeutic support.

At Colorado Recovery it is our mission to help adults with serious mental health issues stabilize their illness, minimize symptoms, improve functioning and enhance each person’s social inclusion, quality of life, and sense of meaning in life.

If you have questions about our recovery model or how to finance our services to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and similar mental illnesses, call us at 720-218-4068 to discuss treatment options for you or the person you would like to help.