Go-Karts and Social Recovery

Recovery is a term frequently used by people with mental health issues to describe their efforts to live meaningful and satisfying lives. Colorado Recovery approaches mental healthcare based on a path of self-reliance through developed practiced skills. This non-institutionalized social recovery offers comprehensive levels of care supported by an expert medical and clinical team, engaging patients in increasing community participation.

Colorado Recovery’s approach to care is about nurturing an environment of inclusivity, socialization, and community building. Clients are encouraged to go out and take part in activities out in the community. We want our patients to achieve a certain degree of social independence.

Social recreational activities include hikes through Colorado’s spectacular landscape, movie nights, talent shows, cooking together and trips to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Peter Kamback MFA, is a vocational rehabilitation specialist and community organizer for Colorado Recovery. He recently took overjoyed clients on an excursion to drive go-karts.

“This was a free event for clients, new or old, who have been with Colorado Recovery at some point,” he says. “Our community is always expanding and older clients have the chance to meet new folks and vice versa.”

These outings are designed to be fun and engaging while also providing opportunities for relationship-building, conflict resolution, and teamwork. “They allow our clients to forget about themselves and their mental health issues for a while,” says Kamback. “Some of the best ways to achieve that involve games and a sense of play.  When our folks are taken out of their element they often feel more relaxed, which allows them to be more social.  It is a wonderful sight to see smiles on faces and hear laughter and excitement in their voices.”  

Go-karts are not a cure, of course—it is a temporary, time-limited activity. But it is a great way for clients to feel comfortable and get to know each other. “The friendly spirit of competition can be the key to connection and to remind them that they are capable of having fun and enjoying what life has to offer,” says Kamback. “This is also a great opportunity to overcome personal barriers and express individual qualities.”  

There are many other activities we pursue at Colorado Recovery that facilitate social recovery and connection to people in the community. We also always encourage clients to suggest activities and outings they are interested in and excited about.   

A go-kart adventure, trips to the art museum, hikes, movie nights, community meals and other socializing activities are all part of the groundbreaking approach to mental health treatment pioneered by Colorado Recovery founder Richard Warner. Recovery from serious mental illness requires that patients retain a sense of empowerment—a belief in their ability to take charge of their lives and manage the complex challenges of their illness.

At Colorado Recovery it is our mission to help adults with serious mental health issues stabilize their illness, minimize symptoms, improve functioning, and enhance each person’s social inclusion, quality of life, and sense of meaning in life.

If you have questions about our recovery model or our services to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and similar mental illnesses, call us at 720-218-4068 to discuss treatment options for you or the person you would like to help.