Psychiatrist Nauman H. Taj Joins Colorado Recovery as Medical Director

Nauman Hanif Taj, MD, is the new medical director at Colorado Recovery. Dr. Taj has a long, impressive track record as a board-certified adult psychiatrist. 

Following his medical training at Tufts University in Massachusetts, Dr. Taj was awarded a fellowship at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, the third oldest psychoanalytic institute in the United States. Dr. Taj has worked as a psychiatrist in various settings including inpatient and outpatient.

After working in a Nebraska hospital for several years, Dr. Taj moved to the Ft. Collins area in Colorado to practice as a psychiatrist. Recently, he was approached by Colorado Recovery to help take its immensely successful Warner treatment model to the next level. 

“Colorado Recovery is different because it brings clients out into the community as part of their psychiatric rehab,” says Dr. Taj. Community integration and social engagement are at the heart of the treatment philosophy, setting the course for a life of engagement, purpose, and connection. 

Another Colorado Recovery advantage is the careful re-evaluation of each individual diagnosis. “We always do a comprehensive, fresh evaluation. Many clients have had the same diagnosis for years, which is sometimes wrong and symptoms can always change. You really need to know the patient, their social life, and their support system. I also ask them what they don’t like about seeing a doctor and that often opens up an interesting perspective.”

Dr. Taj emphasizes that you always have to see the whole person. “You can’t separate the patient and the patient’s symptoms from the human being you’re interacting with. That person could be a husband, a dad, or a mom. That person could be working two jobs just to keep a roof over their head. You have to see that patient as an important part of society.” 

Colorado Recovery

The treatment program at Colorado Recovery aims to empower adults with mental illness, and those who support them, with an unrelenting optimism for recovery, purposeful involvement in the community, and an enhanced sense of meaning in life.

Our treatment facility provides the services needed to address schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other serious mental illnesses which are specific to each individual. Call us at 720-218-4068 to discuss treatment options for you or the person you would like to help.