Sweet Success: Chocolate Truffle Making Brings Joy and Skills to Colorado Recovery Clients

Last Thursday night we held a fun, festive chocolate truffle making event at our Transitional Living facility with clients and staff.  Working together we were able to make 2 large trays of delicious chocolate truffles which we topped with white chocolate swirls.  Lots of laughter erupted as we all chose different ways to drizzle the white chocolate on top of the yummy truffles.

Chocolate can be tricky to work with and the clients did a great job of listening and following the instructions.  The end result was 2 full sheet pans of delicious, creamy chocolate truffles that we all enjoyed devouring!   This gathering allowed us, clients and staff alike, to enjoy time with each other, learn from each other and just enjoy each other’s company as well as developing a new skill.

At Colorado Recovery we integrate these kinds of activities with our group and individual therapy sessions, case management and psychiatry because they give our clients a chance to feel “normal” and capable.  Most important of all, these activities offer our clients a community of accepting folks who like to work together resulting in something really positive.

Colorado Recovery has been utilizing the Warner method for many years to empower adults with mental illness. Our program approaches mental healthcare with a focus on self-reliance through the development of practiced skills. Recognizing the importance of empowerment in recovery, our non-institutionalized philosophy offers comprehensive levels of care supported by an expert medical and clinical team, encouraging patients to increase their participation in the community.

Our treatment facility provides the necessary services to address schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other serious mental illnesses. Call us at 720-218-4068 to discuss treatment options for yourself or someone you wish to help.